Telecom Expense Analysis

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Telecom Expense Analysis

A telecom inventory audit of all existing services is the logical first step for our clients. MTM provides an in-depth inventory analysis of all current telecom expenses by location and service type, as well as corresponding contract status of each service.

This comprehensive telecom expense management report is often the catalyst of significant savings yielding as much as 70%. Telecom billing is complex, error rates are incredibly high and most businesses do not have a good understanding of the myriad of charges on their telecom invoices. Our consultant's report often uncovers unused services that should have been disconnected or were never needed in the first place.

Telecom Expense Management Process

  1. Consultation
  2. Obtain Letter of Agency (LOA)
  3. Information gathering
  4. Benchmarking cost
  5. Analysis
  6. Presentation of findings and recommendations
  7. Implementation strategy
  8. Billing review's and savings report
  9. Ongoing support and consultation

Client Requirements

In order for MTM to understand your current environment we will meet with you to obtain the following information:

  1. Information regarding current providers services, contracts if available and billing copies.
  2. A Letter of Agency allowing us to act as your consultant with vendors so we can fill in the gaps of information we are unable to obtain on-site.
  3. A willingness to consider and implement our recommendations.

This service is available free of charge to non-profit organizations and companies whose monthly telecom expenses exceed $1,000 per month. A scaled down audit report is available for clients spending between $500 - $999 per month. Clients spending under $500 a month may purchase this service at our regular consulting rates.


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