MTM houses all Inventory details in our client-accessible database, with API capabilities

Inventories are tailored to client services and can include:

  • Phone line details
  • Contract housing, term, and expiration info
  • Circuit IDs, IP Addresses, and ASNs
  • 3rd party vendor information: alarm company details, contacts, passcodes
  • Site photos, maps, equipment documentation

Benefits of a detailed Inventory

Service Issue Resolution:

  • Quick, Autonomous Service Procurement Solutions:
  • Relevant, cost effective, security-driven Client Satisfaction:
  • (In progress) Billing accuracy/cost savings, visibility, more time, more control

MTM are inventory audit experts. We can help both organized and less-than-organized IT departments verify services

Bill Assessment

  • We understand what’s on your bill, taxes, USOC, fees, etc.
  • Charge validation
  • Complimentary to existing TEM software

Carrier Connections

  • CSR, inventory validation

Site Exploration

  • Tag & Locate, site survey, demarcation
Did You Know?
Phone bills, taxes, fees, and surcharges can be upwards of 60% of costs and are not always applicable.

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