Service Issue Resolution Expertise

  • MTM is always there when you need us
  • MTM is best prepared for guiding service issues to resolution:
    • Seasoned techs get fast results
    • Quick access to service inventory and service issue record
    • Established relationships with carrier and vendor contacts and escalation protocols
  • CCNA Cisco Certified

Trouble Ticketing Service

  • Available API integration
  • Service issue root-cause tracking
  • Reporting, tracking, and real time updates
  • Trouble ticketing:
    • Avg. response time: 5 minutes
    • Avg. resolution time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Common Service Issue Root Causes

Root Cause


Video Service Issue
Bad receiver, defective cable, or billing issue.
Problem on the customer side of the DMARC, including a failing IAD or cable connection.
Defective Cable
Bad cable that requires replacement or service moved over to an available pair.
Network Outage
roblem on the carrier's side of the MPOE.
PBX Programing
Requires a config change on the customers PBX.
Config changes on the carrier's switch.
Alarm Panel
Problems with the alarm equipment or monitoring company.
Billing Resolution
Any issue that requires a billing adjustment or change is service.
Power Failure
When a power failure has a negative impact on the voice equipment.
Unseated Connections
Cables that have become loose or unplugged and require being plugged into a device.

“Service Issue Lifecycle

Service Disruption

  • MTM is contacted


  • Via telephone
  • Service inventory consultation


  • Providers
  • Vendors
  • IT leadership


  • Collaborate with related parties
  • Boost resources


  • Trouble ticket closed
  • Record root cause


  • Incidence
  • Root cause
  • Repeated issues

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